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ATOAST Specialties
  Multiphysics Optimization
  Multiscale Simulations
  Multimaterial and Composites

  ATOA Scientific Technologies (ATOAST) is an Engineering simulations services and solution provider. We provide advanced Computer Aided Engineering simulation for engineered material, product, process and system design. We leverage cutting edge research in computational mechanics, multiphysics modeling, material, system and application technology for providing innovative simulation solution to our clients.

We partner with our clients for, new product development, performance improvement and cost reduction through engineering simulations using state of the art software tools and methodology for virtual material, product, process and system design. The core competency of the products will be always with the clients. We help our clients to accelerate the product development by leveraging ATOASTs virtual simulation core competency.

We invest and dedicate 20% of our resources for Research and innovation for the benefits of our clients. Our Research and industrial multiphysics experience is leveraged to develop Breakthrough innovation and new customer experience for our client products.

We do undertake contract research for developing next generation of breakthrough technology. We do help our clients to quantify the benefits of new technology for their current product performance improvement.

In addition to our engineering simulation services, ATOAST’s specialties are :

Multiphysics optimization (Flow, structural, thermal, optical, chemical and functional) for preliminary product design cycle and cost reduction. Our core multiphysics competency is on the first principle based coupled complex problem solving, which helps to accelerate the multiphysics optimized product development for our clients.

Multiscale simulations for linking macro engineering to micro mechanics to nano mechanics for products engineered from atomic level. ATOAST’s Material Unity vision drives the possibility of Nano Bio Info and Cognitive convergence for our client benefits.

Multimaterial and composites materials technology depth (metal, ceramic and polymers and their composites) provides value addition to virtual simulation.

As an end to end simulation service provider, we also offer drawing, drafting and meshing services for our clients.

We provide additional services through our collaborative partners for material characterization, prototyping, experimental testing for validation and verifications and part performance evaluation.

ATOAST provides one stop solution to you and your company for an end to end high quality multiphysics engineering simulation services. Consider ATOAST as your partner for all your engineering Simulation services.

We are delighted to be the first Multiphysics COMSOL Certified Consultant from this part of the world. Achieving this recognition means that we are able to offer manufacturers and product developers certified engineering simulation expertise using world leading multiphysics analysis system."

We thank you for supporting Multiphysics CAE Services and look forward to additional Engineering Apps and 3D/4D printing Services, available from 14 Jan 14.

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